List of My Books

These EBooks can be read on many devices, and provides free programs that enable reading them on your computer. They work very well, enable resizing for us ol’ folks with dimming eyes, and change to easier to see backgrounds as well. I am posting these here because an inquiry led to a response indicating that only my newest works would gain a spot on my author page. I happen to believe my material is of a type people will find interesting (or, uninteresting) next month as the current month. I cater to secular materials, which sometimes goes places some people find offensive. I hate that, but believe that if something needs to be told, only a dishonest person would avoid it.

Paperback versions of the earlier writing has been posted beneath this list. I need reviews, pro or con, from all folks willing to write one. Please warn others about what you found good and bad, to help them determine how it may fit their needs, and to help me learn to become a better writer. To me, success is less a matter of money than of whether I made my point clearly and enjoyably, and understood another’s message.


The [X]’s indicate EBooks that can be found on my author page . Titles in red (if WordPress will allow that) indicate possibly controversial subjects. All the printed books can be found there. The links are all hot, so just click on them to find the associated title. Post any problems in the comments section, and I will get a notification there’s something that needs fixed.

[X] Colligion:

[X] (The) Complete Universe of Memes:

[X] Creative Dissatisfaction:

[ ] (The) CumBax Trilogy  |


[ ] Equatarianism:

[X] Gaian Ethics:

[X] Gran’Pa:

[ ] Grrnt’s Rules:

[ ] Grrnt’s Expanded Rules:

[ ] Hemet’s Dream:

[X] Evolution -The Mad Poet Does Science:

[ ] (The) Mystery of the Sabat Veil:

[X] (The) Mystic Wytch:

[X] (The) Other Way:

[X] (The) Problem With Dying:

[X] Reality 101:

[ ] (The) Rock Wytch:

[X] The Sand Wytch of Desert Low:

[X] This World:

[X] Time Loop:

[ ] Ugh, Grrnt and Mmph: [NEWEST]

[ ] The Utopia Experiment:

[ ] Whitling’s Big Manual for Heretics:


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Poetry as paperback:

Gran’Pa as paperback:

Reality 101:

Complete Universe of Memes:

The Sand Wytch of Desert Low:

The Other Way:

This World:

Time Loop:


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