–  My name is Lloyd. I write about controversial topics that some people find offensive. Despite that, somebody needs to examine them and report his findings so that others can ponder them, talk about them, and attempt to discover if and why he is right or wrong. To discover that seems important to me. I learn from the process, and maybe the world will improve just a jiggle-bit.
–  The process has rules that some people refuse to follow. For that reason, I have avoided posting my email link to forestall those with an inclination to “discuss” my posts privately, away from the watchful public eye and away from WordPress and possible banishment. Please do take advantage of the discussion facilities WordPress has provided. Those who avoid them to write directly know they are doing wrong or they would not feel a need to hide.
–  As an author, I do have other reasons for a blog. It gives potential readers a chance to “test the waters” and get a feel of my writing. It offers a place where they can offer advice, tell me where I might have failed to consider some aspect of a topic or steer me toward some interesting bit of information, or ask questions. I have often noticed that the comments area is often the most interesting part of others’ posts, so let yourselves shine.


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