All the ugly sensations get dumped into the heading for PAIN’. Can you imagine a world without pain?

Although we may hate the suffering, pain is part of Nature’s warning system, delivering a message that something is going wrong (Go see a medic) or, you are (or have been; go see a medic) doing something wrong; STOP IT! While we may bemoan the mean system, if we remember we are products of evolution’s sorting process, we can recognize how the process required something with power enough to occupy our fully engaged attention. Hardheaded humans getting their jollies respond to nothing less. “Hoibert, I’m getting sore. We gotta stop for a while.”

He wrapped his arms around her and stared into her blue Irish eyes. His fake Latino accent sounded breathy when he spoke. “My darling, I love you more than life. Just one more time and I will stop. I promise.”

O-o-o-k-kay-a-a,- H-h-hoi-b-ber-r-t.”

As a teacher, pain has no peer. Only love can overcome it. Humans have learned to apply pain to serve their own purposes, some of which may be questionable. Although spanking has a historical place in the raising of children, it is increasingly regarded as a dangerous practice when applied by powerful, angry adults against juveniles. Some regard it as a criminal act to induce pain into another’s body at any age. My brothers and I were spanked, not overmuch, but often. Spankings with Dad’s razor strap ended after I used his razor to cut the strap in two. He whipped me with his belt when he learned what I had done, a thin snake that liked to coil around my legs. When Mom asked him what he would use for a razor strap, he caught the grin forming on my face. “Nothing. I’ll just wear a heavier belt.” I still wore the grin when he next looked at me, from picturing him standing with his pants around his ankles.

Pain represents a cost for accomplishments. Those who won’t endure pain or undervalue their talent won’t pay the price and won’t gain the pleasure of the associated reward. To overestimate your capabilities, on the other hand, will cause at least the equal of that pain. We can’t all sing or perform high-wire stunts, but we can all learn to become good at something enjoyable.


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