It’s not necessary to know a lot of science to be a good atheist, but it helps you to hold your ground when confronted by the inevitable Christianists lusting to Christianize you. To deal best with them at their own level, however, it might be best to be completely ignorant.

Unlike honest, hardworking Christians, alongside whom you can work for years without getting into each other’s private affairs, they will spend endless hours pulling all kinds of tricks while learning how to Christianize you. Their aim to “win you over” is to WIN whatever it takes. Need to lie? Don’t hesitate, we gotcha covered. Is browbeating required? Of course. Whatever it takes. Never relent. The bastard will give in or give up. Make the bitch run. We don’t want that kind around here! Good riddance!

If you’re alive and breathing, you have probably been subjected to that kind of mistreatment at least once, most likely from someone wishing for you to adopt their denomination. While changing your sects may not be as intense to consider as taking up a whole religion, if you felt happy with your old sect there would be some stress involved.

We can take lessons from Christianist practices; our aim for avoidance of confrontations is our intended outcome, versus the Christianist’s intention to engage you until you give in, or else run for the foothills. That is not a good choice; they have cousins living there who will be alerted to your impending arrival. Unless you feel threatened, it might be best to just stay put and provide a good example of how they should behave. Passing advice without knowing your situation could be dangerous. Act disinterested while you size your culprits up. Arguing will get you nowhere and exasperate you by demonstrating the immense flexibility built into the Christian version of reality.


4 thoughts on “Outcomes

  1. pluviolover

    I’ve not actually had that experience, but being somewhere between knowing a lot and completely ignorant, I think I can manage. I would be satisfied to be a good person who is atheist. I’m unclear as to exactly what a “good atheist” is.

  2. expressionoffaithblog

    You know a Christian can’t save you. A Christians job by who they serve as believers of Jesus Christ is to live as Jesus Christ wants them to. I love to have conversations with many types of people. However if it sounds like I am pushing my beliefs on someone its because my beliefs make up who I am. My responses to issues will be by my beliefs. So to be accepted as a atheist you say Christians push and as Christians we say atheist push. Why? I say God is are creator in conversation and you believing as you do say I dont believe in a creator. If I explain why I believe as I do I sound pushy if you explain why you believe as you do…… it never ends. One goes to demeaning the other and name calling starts and so forth. But how you can stop a Christian from bothering you is to just tell them to pray for you. You see a Christian (rather you understand this to be true or not) only pushes because they are scared for you not themselves. They care enough to try again. However I have only had two people tell me that they knew Jesus Christ was the Son of God but they refuse to accept salvation. One because of his pas history and anger another because he likes the; and I quote; “the devils way” but in any other conversion with a atheist it is understood that it is God’s will for you to have free will not to believe and that I may pray for you but if you choose not to believe I tell you that it is your choice but if we were to be in communication (job, friend, family member) my beliefs make up who I am. I’m not pushing its who I am


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