Orthodoxy is taking the word of an ancient line of thought without question. To swallow anything that’s old whole without a very careful check is guaranteed to lead to pain. It matters little whether it’s food or information, if it’s older than yourself, be sure to chew it thoroughly. Whether it’s for your stomach or brain, it’s going inside you to become a part of whom you are.

If we have to live with it the rest of our lives, we should be wary about what we allow to gain entry inside ourselves. We humans are notoriously willing to stuff ourselves with anything with an appealing aroma and deal with the consequences later. Brain or gut, we feed ourselves crap, some of which can be addictive, and aim the force of law onto others whose addictions differ from our own.

Mind or body, it makes little difference; addictions are addictions, harmful harms, and it all poses a societal toll the tax collectors either pass on to the rest of us, or delegate to eventual collection at the John Doe body dump. Thanks to memes, introduced by Richard Dawkins, we now understand how orthodoxy can become addictive.

Memes can be said to exist because, by inducing humans to perform actions attributed to them, they generate timelines that can be described and drawn as records of mimetic activity. The record would be of the observed human involvement only, from the inciting impulse until cessation. Because it would be subjective, any other information would originate internally from the people involved. (It is just as true for the god named God, that a timeline can be drawn of actions inspired by that meme. That is about belief. There still is no evidence that any god exists on its own.)


Written entirely with OPEN OFFICE.


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