No Forgiveness



No Forgiveness

Were he still with us, we should thank Mr. Franklin, and his friends and relatives, that he shared his thoughts with so many, and so many had the foresight to gather them up and preserve them for posterity. It gave us a direct record from which their shared thoughts may be studied and their intentions easily discerned. I have been accused of quoting out of context to change his meaning. I have a three-step deal for anyone who believes that:

  1. Show me where using context of neutral origin;
  2. Promise to verify such claims for yourself in the future before passing them on;
  3. Stop reading David Barton and listening to those who quote his words. They are his words. They would choke and gag those into whose mouths he sought to put them.

Although I owe you nothing, and my expectations are low, I will make two promises that can still be kept after I pass on, for just in case you disregard this message:

1)Unlike a makebelieve god, Mother Nature is real and we live on her beautiful world at her noble accordance. She offers no forgiveness when we mess up and make bad choices, but gives plenty of warnings by inducing pain and discomfort. You will sense such warnings all your lifetime. They are yours to interpret.

Some warnings go beyond individuals or groups, though, and may reach out to alert humanity as a whole body. We are receiving a variety of warnings that scientists have interpreted. We are ruining our planet. A few of us are raping Nature. Gaia is stressing beyond her limits. Nature offers no forgiveness. Once the line of no return has been crossed, there will be Hell to face, the innocent and guilty alike. That is the first promise.

2) If or whenever the American public awakens to all the ways they are being scammed and their birthrights stolen through dupery, the angry mob that erupts to set things straight, or get even, will be unstopable.

Due to the unusual nature of this script, I offer the following short editorial:

Atheists typically dislike metaphores and distrust the intentions of those who use them. Since I have presented “Nature” and “Gaia” as properties of reality accompanied by the metaphore “Mother Nature”, the entire script may fail to make its point. To forestall that I offer this instruction.

I understand all that exists to belong to a process named Evolution. That way of understanding helps me keep things straight, and I recommend it. Nature (Capitalized Initial) refers to the overall process, while nature and evolution (lower case initial) refer to portions of their related process. Gaia, as an example, is the regulating process of nature, whereas we are inescapeably immersed in a process named Nature.

Written entirely with OPEN OFFICE.


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