No Clone


No Clone

Despite what many profess to believe, humans are a social animal. We are an animal, a mammal, and our species survived because of our ancestors who learned to work in groups for their mutual benefit. Today, we call that ‘teamwork’. Some mislabel it as ‘Liberalism’.

Our ancestors lived in family groups known as ‘tribes’ gathered around a central leader. As populations increased, that scenario became more complex but the basic centralized format still remains in a variety of configurations, all of which pose dangers to careless citizens. Those who configure the original setup will be looking after their own interests and making emotional appeals to gather support. Later interest groups will follow that example to push support for their pet agendas.

I can use my own country, the U.S.A., as the perfect example. This nation began with a Bill of Rights inserted into its Constitution, but supported slavery of black people. That example of gross injustice initiated the civil war that brought it to its end.

An idea supported by many religious groups at the start, freedom of religion has seen the definition of ‘religion’ elevate from simple belief and escalate to specify the worship of (a) god, and to enable corporations to act as people even with no way to arrest an entire corporation and hold it accountable as an individual. Even atheists hold simple fervent beliefs. Many people risk arrest to pursue harmless practices made illegal because they offend other people’s induced compunctions.

None of us got to choose what traumas our elders forced onto us the first ten years of our lives, nor the circumstances into which we were reared. The state of dress or undress in which our forebears maintained us, plus our innate natures, add up to unintended indoctrination at the beginning of our lives, at the most critical time during which the information we absorbed like sponges will determine what we will and won’t believe for the rest of our lives. We absorbed information at every chance encounter, during every exposure to something new. The smarter our brain, the more detailed the information we absorb, the better reinforced it becomes by later information, the harder it gets for dis-confirming information to find a home in the pool.

We should not hate each other over the natural way our brains work, for that’s about all it amounts to. Blame history, not parents, not individuals, for what people believe.

Written entirely with OPEN OFFICE.



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