New Baby


New Baby

Nature requires brave people to do the job of raising children into fully capable adults. Spoiled children, spoiled vegetables, spoiled fruit, rotten meat — all result from the same process of over-protection without real care.

Raising a child requires dedicated hard work for which no one has trained you. You will follow the example set by your parents and neighbors and their mistakes will become yours. Raising two children will give you the opportunity to demonstrate important moral precepts such as sharing, cooperating, reciprocity, honesty, responsibility, justice, self awareness, love, self sufficiency and compassion. Keep these ten in mind while sharing your wisdom about them. You are not your children’s judge, warden, nor their jailer. You are but one of many mentors with whose influences you compete. Your role as their guardian and mentor requires you to teach them how to recognize facts and fiction, and to explain why in real terms when you disagree with another’s lessons.

Your children are individuals with their own developing minds. Seek to share what they can teach you and you will earn back the respect you gave them. Rather than teaching them fear, teach them to plan how to overcome. Teach them to prioritize, then support their fight to find and claim their dreams. These are some things I wish my own parents had known.

Written entirely with OPEN OFFICE.



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