Not putting on airs. Uncovered with artificial materials. Undressed. Denuded. Naked. All of those are common negative expressions that tell us what natural is not. Such expressions have the power to orient our thoughts. When we choose negative words and expressions for our descriptions, we demonstrate their preponderance in our minds. Think of positive ways to describe natural, such as bare, nude, patina, gorgeous, inspiring, The best way to go swimming. A finish coat consisting of oils, perhaps rubbed into the surface.

Once preferred and admired for their beauty, natural products have fallen before the forces of derision. Too, the human form has fallen beneath the tires of commerce, begun when churches began colluding with milliners to cajole their congregations into living in ways that turned them into better (bigger) consumers. That practice has now expanded into all levels of American government, where bribes have become relabeled “campaign donations”.

In any case where people allow themselves to develop a habit of choosing without—or in spite of—verifiable evidence, they have volunteered to be made victims of dupery. In today’s world we must fight to keep ourselves from choosing cynicism and hypocrisy. Our personal health demands it.

10 Habits of Truly Optimistic People: Power Your Life with the Positive (Contagious Optimism Book) 

Written entirely with OPEN OFFICE.


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