Naked Man


Naked Man

All through the long span of my life, I have often pondered about why people insist on wearing clothing. I often supposed it’s the easiest way to carry them around. But, that says nothing about why we have them in the first place. We, supposing ourselves modern, educated, sophisticated, suffer their burden upon our bodies despite discomfort from sweat, heat, fever, chafing, blisters, sores and mold —not to overlook provision of hiding places for bugs such as ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, gnats….

… not to forget those foul-smelling southern ladybug lookalikes waiting near doorways for a free ride inside. Bugs and cold likely provided impetus for covering people’s bodies in ancient times. Worse than any of those is the hidden damage done to our bodies and minds—not by obvious conditions such as Alzheimer’s or cirrhosis, but of hidden conditions induced by enforced covering, that may only become recognized by comparing groups of similar populations whose lifestyles and practices differ, both subtly and greatly, in known ways.

A few primitive early attempts to do that were met with interest and dismay. (2) (3) We have developed and refined investigative tactics since the time of Margaret Mead. Might it not be important to apply them to verify her findings before every unique culture becomes absorbed by outside influences?

Written entirely with OPEN OFFICE.


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