Myths, a philosopher said, are necessary for human well-being and survival. When people believe the same myths, they think more alike and better understand one another. People tend to care more about those with whom they share myths, and suspect those from whom they feel estranged. That is how myths promote group coherence that increases people’s ability to increase safety and well-being.

Looking at today’s world news should convince anyone: that is a line of bull-larny. There may have been some demonstrable truth there, back in times when people roamed as tribes within their own territories, when their craziest notions and practices could affect no one on the opposite face of the planet. That free reign was doomed by with the development of monotheism. As that scourge spread around the world by the meme-power driving dirty-minded hawkers, humanity took a dive into a world of slavers and slaves, landowners and serfs, employers and employees—one level who makes up rules; one lower level who obeys them. That seems to represent a necessary circumstance for social animals such as humans, apes and dogs, but, in today’s world, it endangers all life by making tribes of nations, wherein even science gets perverted to enable political agendas to blind the eyes of naive commoners in every locale.

Written entirely with OPEN OFFICE.



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