Naked Truth


Naked Truth

Truth, unadorned with mischievous fashions, unguarded by premises that require staring after a forbidden peek, the forbiddeness of which is as false as armor of molded saran wrap and yields only frustration and disappointment; unfettered truth as free as it must be to yield itself up to the poking and prodding of ignorant faux apes yearning only to know it, who long for the joyous culmination of discovery, the climax to dedicated strain imposed by swaddling truth in a cushion of fabricated origins. Bare truth needs no such massive description for those who chase it, those trained to recognize its structure beneath multiple layers of false cloaking.

We live in a world where truth has been made covert, held captive by threats posed by adult fairy tales, political manipulation, induced fear, lingering childhood phantoms, fear of pleasure, ignorance and apathy. Closing our eyes fails to enlighten our minds.

Written entirely with OPEN OFFICE.



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