Habit and motivation are both important elements in human lives. For most of us, habit steers us through our days because motivation is absent or weak. As a result, excitement, astonishment, a sense of newness, of adventure, has gone on a permanent vacation. Day after day, we look at the same faces – but don’t really see them. We think the same thoughts – if we think at all. We love the same people – but, with far less passion. To walk the same path day after day only deepens the rut. Let’s face it, life gets stagnant unless stirred. We will not do that without motivation.

So, how do we, once we have established this as true, get motivated? A goal helps. The days when any person could hold the same job for a lifetime have faded into the mists that make myths. Waiting to get scared out of your wits by changing circumstances will not provide the best kind of goal. That will only provide duress to force changes you would not have chosen on your own.

The best goals are those you would choose when when you don’t have to. At advanced ages, we have the luxury of experience and awareness of a vast range of inviting fields to explore. We already know what tasks we loved doing, and what we hated. Younger people will have more homework ahead: an ongoing cataloging of their talents, general fields of interest, their feelings about self-employment vs a job, and mental notes about advice they’ve sought from others. For all ages, this exercise must continue until the missing labels can complete this sentence: “My talents and my nature make me best suited to ________________ for a ___________________. Examples:

  1. play piano; house of ill repute
  2. janitor; a hospital in Hawaii
  3. compose arias in 8 languages; self-employed
  4. design weather-control computers; the world governmentNow, it’s in your corner.

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