mother (3)R


Mother Nature, a metaphorical construct at whose laws science digs to unearth knowledge for the sake of itself, represents the whole of eternity and the universe within it. That gives all of humankind a massive project to study wherever we go, with which we can stay involved our entire lifetimes to only scratch the surface. Scientists have barely learned how to ask the right questions and test their answers, and already the landscape has filled with the products of technology. Yet, there are those who act like they already know all the answers and tell us science is just a conspiracy against their religions and politics. They pick up on Bible verses that condemn pursuit of knowledge, and bring that into the present with fake, unsupported charges against science. The people they convince are those without access to source materials and no inclination to go looking for them.

If science is a conspiracy, it is against ignorance. Brave people, over recent ages, have dared to stand up to the face of bigoted prejudice, and declare their tested opinions as the facts their testing had demonstrated. “I can show you this. Can you show me why you dare claim it’s not true?” One by one into the thousands, those asserted facts demonstrate how science, through scientists, has worked toward a safer, easier, calmer world for human habitation.

Add political ambitions and science dies of poison from corruption. Like religion, politics rises out of beliefs. That unsupported beliefs are easily manipulated is why religion and government must stay forever, and totally, separated. That was recognized at our country’s (USA) inception, and can show itself still equally true today.

How? Here’s a scenario at play in your life right now, scene by degradated scene:

  • Let’s start in the Nixon era, when McCarthyism reached full bloom. Communism served as the source of fear (the threat) and eradication of your beliefs through brainwashing (enslavement, loss of freedom), the case against it.
  • Reagen, whose “trickle down” policies soaked the poor and middle classes, and refreshed the oligarchs.
  • Reconsructionism, apparently aimed at restructuring the United States, and later the world, into a New Testament theocracy based on Paul’s, not Jesus’, doctrines.
  • Reformationism: with expressed intentions of establishing Old Testament Law as the law of the land, not just the notorious ten commandments, but the whole Old Testament cherry-picked to suit the clergy and apologists.
  • Thousands of True Believers, sympathizers and malleable toadies ready to climb onto the next bandwagon that offers a ride into Gloryland.
  • Koch Brothers and their ilk: The small crowd of in your face, try and stop me evildoers who have turned AMERICA into a bought and paid for oligarchy run by remote control.

It’s scary to realize how that nowhere near begins to list all of them beyond a few of the major players. After looking at the list awhile, it begins to sink in: “Those groups and philosophies are all competing to be the one on top.”

For justice to win, the setting must change. Any student of nature knows the one that will win in this setting will be the most cunning, cruelest, heartless of them all, able to lure the greatest number of voters into the most innocent-appearing traps designed especially for them. Watch a spider spin a web outside your window, a trap of spindly fibers that look like a safe place to take a walk while resting the wings. Alas, they were coated with a sticky syrup. Bugs get trapped, the careless, gullible idiots who never realize it is the destiny for which nature designed them. Watch when the spider bursts forth, injects her poison, the bug’s final tremors as he freezes into rigor-mortise. The end comes after it’s too late to learn the lesson.


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