It seems logical to assume that events called miracles are inexplicable to the people involved, and that other events get called miracles because they were entirely unexpected. So, what?

I believe we should forgive the ignorance of those born in such circumstances that prevented mental advancement, whether from dire poverty, cruel indoctrination, absence of facilities, or some other conditions that prevented the opportunity to learn. We tend to regard all others as our equals, and to think that must include their mental capacities as well as their rights. Such people, unless indoctrinated by evil influencers, pose unlikely threats to us and we should learn to recognize them and deal with them according to their capabilities.

Those who deserve no forgiveness are those who should know better, who grew up in a world full of books and libraries, with access to computers, encyclopedias, and videos. They must be dealt the harder hand, with it in mind how they are victims of their own deceit, that they often suspected the truth about themselves and avoided it as ‘temptation’, who dared not to test their elders’ edicts against the ‘worldly’ proclamations coming from science, and whose cloistered existence allows only a garbled, perverted, one-sided version of the world that surrounds them, and the science and history of that. With all emanations of human curiosity totally subdued, they chose their backward view of existence and worked hard to enforce it onto themselves.

Yes, there is truth. Truth bares all to those who love it, escapes those who cover it, and hides from those who declare it ugly. Truth is found in those thoughts and ideas most verifiable in natural reality. It is lost to those whose agendas require its burial, who manipulate and invent words to define the nonexistent for others to believe, and then demand us to disprove it.

Let me tell you a secret: that is how they make themselves recognizable to you—by their demand of disproof for the unfalsifiable—and by their never offering evidence more tangible than words to support the same assertion. Let me explain.

In all the ways that matter, you exist. You know that is true because your lifetime of experiences has provided you with all kinds of evidence, day after day. Now, if you can, imagine yourself as nonexistent. All the things you thought of as evidence are gone. Imagine they never existed, and you never existed. How could you make that condition true?

However hard you try, you can never erase every trace of evidence that you exist. The very act of trying will, in fact, create even more evidence. What you are trying to accomplish is to imagine how to falsify your own nonexistence—in other words, you seek a way to demonstrate your own nonexistence. You will always fail.

Now, imagine the opposite condition, wherein you wish to falsify the existence of something that never existed. Your aim is to demonstrate its existence in current time. Try it.


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