This cute little saying attributed to Dr. Seuss may portray as much wishful thinking as it does truth. To Dr. Seuss a goose is a goose if a goose is a goose or a gander. That guy. To my brother-in-law, a goose is a goose if a goose is a goose or a gesture. Not that guy.

Wishful thinking, said I? Yes. Over much of the land surface around this world, people who mind will kill those who give voice or script to words with which they disagree. Their numbers far exceed the population of the minority who would question their opinions, and no land can claim to be free of their presence. Well, they can claim that, if they overlook gangs growing up to populate cities with gangsters, people whose only difference from others is religious belief, deluded people who view outspoken people as threats… Rather than frighten anyone, my point is to learn who may pose a danger to you, try to understand their reasoning, validate it (I can be wrong; so can you) according to objective evidence so you can criticize their ideas (or they your own).

Ideas are products of human minds; people are products of reality. Ideas and people must earn respect by showing evidence that they deserve it. Neither gossipers who destroy lives with malicious words, nor arrogant murderers who uphold malicious ideas, deserve the respect they demand. Nor do those who support or defend them.


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