Man Knows


Man Knows:

  • Understanding comes from a long, intimate involvement with a subject, whether a job, hobby, study, or any other task that involves a deep commitment. We may have messed with this for years, studied it since childhood, and made a career out of it. Because of it, we may not be rich, but we do love life.
  • We have a lesser understanding of things we may or may not daily do, but care less about. Whether we were assigned this task or volunteered, we learned our little part in this task with little interest, perform to good standards, but know little else about it.
  • We can demonstrate a passing knowledge about things to which we’ve been exposed, about which we feel almost no interest.
  • We can force ourselves to pay attention but we can’t fake interest.
  • To force belief results in hypocrisy and creates hypocrites.
  • We can misunderstand more quickly than understand, and act on that more eagerly.

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