In a country whose entire economy is based on the precepts of Capitalism, it seems a sacrilege to identify any form of lust as a sin. Hucksters invent all kinds of gimmicks to sell and we suffer a barrage of ads until the enterprise runs out of money or else succeeds. Consumers (their victims/the rest of us) seldom find the products live up to our expectations, and must face repeated barrages of expensive upgrades until a satisfactory product has been developed. “Wow, look at this thing go!”

About then, enriched by its success, the company has developed a new gadget that outperforms the old one several times over. However, its process is incompatible with the old, and it only does one thing. New iterations of development ensue, and bankruptcy threatens. “But, listen to how that sounds! It’s so clear and crisp, I can close my eyes and almost believe she’s right here with me.”

I have lived a very long time (but still not long enough), and still possess a few vinyl albums I can’t bear to part with. I don’t listen to them anymore because I can’t find anything to play them on. I had copied all my vinyls onto cassettes, but they never sounded as good. I quit listening when the cassette player died, and not even Goodwill had a replacement. The same is true of a few old movies I love. My neighbor found an old monaural VHS player at a yard sale after my stereo rig died. I would like to copy my best movies onto discs while that still works, but the computer tells me they are “copy protected” and wastes a disk to do it. That’s not copy protection, that’s copy theft because I am prevented from protecting my investment from enforced obsolescence.

What’s that you said? That sign’s not about music, it’s about sex? Well! If that’s the case, the sign speaks well for itself. Why is it that buying sex with a real woman is illegal, while buying a plastic doll for the same purpose is only a matter for humor?

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