All the time, people tell me they don’t believe in luck. I wonder if that means they don’t believe in preparation, or can never recognize opportunity. Preparation requires a lot of effort. Maybe they are just lazy? A lot of Republicans will agree with that.

On some other hand, Democrats might be inclined to think they had never been presented with opportunities, or had never gained the self-awareness required to discern an opportunity if one did happen by. That is a matter of training, but gets left to the hands of hucksters, charlatans and sellers of snake oil who hurry to fill educational holes with their many brands of misinformation.

It seems our schools recognize three classes of people, the “rich kids”, kids from the working class, and the “bad influences”, in that pecking order. Rich kids seemed to follow their parents’ example, and did what they had to in order to maintain the lifestyle in which they had grown up. Or else, they didn’t.

Some of those we knew as “spoiled brats” became alcoholics and lowered themselves into the bad influences class. I think that is where politicians come from. Maybe preachers and evangelists, too, considering all their testimonies about how Jesus saved them from a life of crime, drugs and booze.

Our various layers of government spend a lot of money trying to control crime, drugs and booze, but they’ve never had good luck with that. It’s obvious they’re unprepared for the work. They get training in law and one religion and most seem ignorant of history. Good knowledge and understanding of science, which should be required, is an exception. Without at least that minimal preparation, they will continue to muck things up, and our luck will run out when it goes beyond repair.


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