Loyalty is a two way street: who demands loyalty must be loyal in return. Also, who demands belief must believe in return. That exemplifies the rule of reciprocity. A supposedly all-knowing god who must constantly test its subjects for their loyalty and belief must doubt its own powers to judge and discern. Or else, it is really testing for unquestioning gullibity, so only those most capable of marching in lockstep will qualify as zombies for Heaven.

Should such an unlovely possibility not demand us to seek out better alternatives, and make a list of those that seem more likely?

  • God really is the bumbling misfit presented in the Bible, so incapable of doing for itself that it must demand simple-minded humans to do everything for it. They are loyal to it despite its whimsical ways, out of abject fear of trauma that acknowledging the truth will induce.
  • Or: God stands a high chance of being one of the ~15000 other gods named in world-wide history. The farther back you go, the closer to the original god you will get. That is why I try to specify the god named God when I write or talk about the modern god named God; I want the real god to know I’m not referring to her. Who has been loyal to her, so we can even know her name in our time?
  • Or: While no one thing is proof, all added together, conditions inherent to the god named God furnish evidence of its nonexistence. If you want to know what I’m talking about, just look at the stuff your preacher priest labels “works of the Devil.” If you are not concerned enough to already know it heart, there’s no use for me to Gish-Gallop the whole thing here. This, of course, only refers to the god named God common to western religions. We are learning in our time the good inherent to carefully developed external controls imposed on evidence, but have not learned to teach others why they are necessary, why they work, or even what that means: We must stay loyal to objective evidence and the methods of science and critical thought, for they have shown their loyalty to us.
  • Or: Satan really did write the Bible, as someone recently posed. That would explain a whole lot about the baffling mess that people are pinning onto atheists because they can’t make it stick in any other way. Why does humanity tend toward disloyalty toward its own members but hold fast to ideas? Look at the state of human relationships: people keep killing each other over ideas, most of which have to be wrong because they conflict with too many alternatives. Alongside that, the worst are about superstitions. Why are so many of us so busy justifying that kind of disloyalty to our own species?
  • Or: choose your own question about loyalty.

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