Life Offers



Life Offers

Like the political joke (to go forward, choose D; for backward, choose R) this sign adds a load of truth by offering, “To go nowhere, choose N (nothing; neutral)” Life requires many choices of us. Regret comes at least as often from coasting along in neutral as from dropping our systems into reverse with eyes forward.

That is the cumulative effect of not voting, some of which may have resulted from Republican ruses such as gerrymandering, or rigging election laws to stifle the Democrat voice. Or, such as those could just be excuses to cover for typical Democrat apathy, the result of a lack of an inherent mission within the Democrat Party. That lack of urgency lulled Democrats to sleep and enabled Republicans to do their dirty-work without fear of creating the uproar it deserved. We tend to yawn and point a finger of blame toward our leaders.

We are the voters. We are the ones—whichever our party—charged with the duty of educating ourselves about matters that weigh hard to impose burdens on our lives—that threaten to bury us under losses—that lead us into believing, acting upon, and spreading unchecked propaganda that, if we had bothered to dig up the truth, would arouse our ire against the talking heads hired to perpetrate those sins against us! We must learn to seek out all the stories and will ourselves to learn all the agendas so we can actually know what will hurt us or help us, what is propaganda and what is the truth, and who are the liars and who are the saints. No one can ever know that without full awareness of the holes in all the stories (and there are plenty enough to go around).

Apathy. I wonder, when was the last time you heard about a fracas breaking out at your neighborhood discussion group? Oh, my, never in your lifetime? What?—you’ve never heard of such a group in your neighborhood? Crying mentally!—you have never met your neighbors?—and you have lived there for how many years?

Welcome Wagon has died in America, a country designed to facilitate discussion among neighbors, to thereby enrich each other’s lives by heightened understanding and deepened knowledge of how and why others think and believe as they do. In place of that we have become a land of strangers, who each lives in a mental cocoon, listens to one-sided news from favored talking heads, with no true idea of what alternative views are about nor what they may have going for them—nor what they really should have against them.

Reality is not a matter of opinion, as most of us seem to think. If it’s real we can find a way to test and demonstrate it. If it’s not, we can’t. It’s as simple as that.

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