The liar commits “a sort of suicide” because s/he will be found out, will lose valuable trust, will be made to suffer loss, and share all the misery with his loved ones.

The “stab at the health of human society” seems very current in times when all sorts of liars vie with each other to gain control of America’s future. In the wrong hands, the entire world will be endangered by any of the several sorts of shysters grabbing at the helm. The most dangerous are the fanatical connivers who won’t dirty their own hands, but use lobbyists to bribe politicians into their corner. These churls, as the Bible calls them, count on the religious, the poor, the workers, the middle class, to be too ignorant, lazy or busy to learn the truth about them. I hope they are wrong.

They have to be wrong! The slumbering giant representing the bottom “classes” of classless America must stir themselves alert and avoid the sham that induces their blindness to the hoaxes liars are playing against them. They come from all sides to pit themselves against the weak, the wage earners, those whose hands get dirty daily at their toil. They steal credit for themselves from those entrepreneurs, those makers of America who risk failure to give life to new ideas, and then point to themselves as the source from where trickle-down begins. They are not the source; those little people who risked their savings to start a business and work long, hopeful hours to make it grow are the fountain from which the future flows, and those who pin their hopes on their success by going to work for them.

The rentiers, the biblical churls, the modern-day scalawags (I’m being kind, here) whose inherited affluence enabled them to, using technology, game the system to gain inconceivable riches undreamed of in all of history. To do what with? To hoard in amounts whole countries envy as beyond their means!—to bribe legislators and judges to enable even more hoarding—to cede cronies into seats of power—to swindle gullible voters into supporting covert moves into oligarchy.

What is oligarchy? According to Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 1: government by the few
2: a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes; also: a group exercising such control. He promises freedom; he aims for self-enrichment at your expense. Here is where the liar commits his suicide, for he can never benefit from his hidden agenda without exposing himself to risk from his victims’ ire. He may enjoy the largess of his ill-gotten riches, but the protective wall behind which he must hide himself diminishes the total amount of his freedom to less than that enjoyed by his starved victims. He can go where he wants, do what he wants, but only when accompanied by a crew of watchers. Moreover, he is forced to maintain a gracious relationship with the craziest of the zealots from whom he has lured support to keep them from killing him.

From our eyes as his victims, however, his plight invites envy enough to deserve our hatred, and it is from our group that he most expects someone to rise up to attempt an assassination. Whoever accomplishes it, we will be blamed. Another like him (most likely the actual perp) will leap into his spot and the system will never miss a beat while he takes over. The suicide is complete.

I am amazed that freedom-loving Americans do not support the actual conditions of freedom, and will spout the opposite of freedom to describe them. You can almost hear their voices in the background. (“You only want freedom so you can do anything you want.”) Not true. Freedom requires a great measure of responsibility. (“Hah! Freedom can only happen in a place with no laws and cops.”) Not true. The opposite of freedom occurs in lawless lands where the strongest groups feel free to pillage and murder while the rest live in fear. (“But, that’s a form of law. I said, ‘No laws’.”) That, you did, but you can see how that is not going to happen. Only in a democratic republic have humans found a way to maximize freedom under the guidance of wisdom evoked into law. (“Are you calling our laws ‘wise’? Liberals have given half of our wealth away, and they have their eyes on the other half now.”) I believe you have been staring at the wrong people, or else fell asleep about three decades ago, Rip. We all have to pay attention to both sides of the story, run the numbers instead of running with the rhetoric, and be willing to change our minds—or at least put our beliefs on hold—when we discover reason for doubt.

And, learn to follow the evidence, no matter what you think about that. Without evidence, all you have is words. Words are opinions, myths, fables, stories, wishful thinking and excuses. None of those will serve you well in today’s world, and can actually cause you harm, and cause you to harm others. They are not evidence. If you cannot accept that, you have no reason to discuss any issues with me. The liars can justify their faith in such duplicity as can be found in those trained to search only among words for evidence.


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