You will, at least, succeed at being happy.

So what if it ends up as ‘only a hobby’? Look: when something you love doing becomes something you have to do to earn money, it then often becomes ‘only a job’. You can no longer walk away from it to fill your life with all those other things you love, that you perhaps give little thought to now. As a result, boredom overwhelms you. You become no longer your own person. Each client or customer becomes a little boss you must make happy, or risk losing business.

This problem, called ‘burnout’, could be seen as a blessing if you planned for it from the beginning. Most of preparation will depend on the nature of your enterprise. A musician, for example, cannot ‘farm out’ his product at a profit, but a machinist or wood worker could. Enterprising people who foresee a future filled with increasing workloads could turn that into a thriving business in itself.

Musicians furnish us with an example of a different kind of occupation shared by performers of all kinds. Each performance must be as fresh and new to the audience as each previous performance, even though the audience is expected to be new. In that way it is not different from shaping the same piece of wood, or the same piece of steel, hundreds or thousands of times. The difference is that the machinist and woodworker get to throw their mistakes into the scrap pile. The performer delivers his and hers on the spot. Each performance is more practice for the next.

Wordsmiths seem to live in the best kind of world when they are financially successful, but most of us earn a living at something else. It makes a great hobby. We get to retype our mistakes into the computer, so nothing but time gets wasted. People seem to think we are not doing anything, so we have lots of company until we learn to hide ourselves out in the woods.

This all goes to support of the actual philosophy of hedonism in which the element called homeostasis gains recognition from biological science that sets an example of how balanced living must result from recognizing how our bodies maintain themselves, and then learning why and how to use that for moral self-guidance. Mother Nature has furnished that system from which we must learn if we are to ever learn how to live the best kind of self-directed lives.



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