Fear Sign


Fear Sign

Trying new things ought to, of course, be approached with some trepidation, as should testing of all kinds of limits. The shedding of untenable strictures a person imposes on himself, as well as those imposed by others without legitimate justification, that make one person enslaved, in effect, to another carries with that action a great risk. The breaking of all kinds of bonds poses risk of repercussions not only from the entity being escaped, but a greater risk that newfound heightened freedom will be mishandled and lost due to inexperience. The importance of seeking good council cannot be overemphasized, even if that requires waiting until after the break. Stay wary that death does not equate with freedom, as freedom remains a possibility only for those who live.

Learn to duck. Freezing in fear provides an easy target. Being a loner gives you no one to watch your back, nor to hold close after dark. Paranoia is your friend, but choose crowds over empty places. Watch the watchers. Whether an object or an idea, never buy what you cannot see and touch. Travel broadens one, but appears to affect the butt more than the brain.


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