Intelligent Designer



Intelligent Designer

Maybe a god named God does exist, in whose image our ancestors were made, and from whence we evolved into the handsome brutes we have become. Will we issue jaw-dropped gasps when our day arrives to visit St. Pedro’s gate and spot God waiting to issue our condemnations, and see that She is a wrinkled old hirsute female and very ugly by our standards? Will whether we are allowed in depend not so much on how we lived, as our priests and their counterparts have misdirected us, but on whether we laugh, scream, or show signs of disappointment? Hey, you may think I’m poking fun and this is blasphemy, but I have a picture of Heaven in my head that has lingered since my pre-apostate days. If Heaven deserves its name, it must be a peaceful place, populated with tolerant souls. Just remember this on your way there and take it as a heads up.

You’re very welcome.


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