It’s a matter of applying the scientific method, really, and developing some critical thinking skills. The first step is to really, honestly want to enough to pay attention to, and dare to question, your own thoughts. If you cannot coax yourself past this first hurdle, you will never surpass the pain you’ll soon be facing. If you can, that pain transforms into the joy of accomplishment. Don’t cheat. You will only lose to yourself.

Many people appear to conflate the phrases critical thinking and critical analysis. Follow the links and you’ll see that analysis is only the first step of the skill set. Critical thinking does not mean to be always criticizing other people’s thinking. Leave that to the trolls in your life, with their one liner zinger slingers, and all the Gish Gallopers and gas-lighters who seem to show up with them.

Insights can lead us astray. They may introduce a new and useful way to look at life, the way today’s sign does and made me want to share it with you. Or, they can steer you into a hole from which you will never escape, into which later insights will only drive you deeper.

Whatever would drive a wedge between you and testable objective reality endangers you. Look at the nature of whatever evidence you can find about it. Does it amount to only words, or does it present actual data along with sources? Is it something you can look at and see for yourself? Or, does it make excuses, offer an unanswerable mystery, or attempt to make you the fall guy?—or try to threaten you into compliance?—or try to entice you with promises you have to die in order to collect?


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