Not that some people are smarter than others. More likely they don’t even realize how good fortune played a large hand in the circumstances of their upbringing. Maybe they think of good fortune as something to—or to not—believe in. Some may be cursing fate over conditions nearly identical to those for which others feel blessed. Our attitudes influence our behavior more deeply than the reality around us.

Whether heretic or saint, where one finds blessed relief in religion, another becomes immersed in worldly concerns and embroiled in battle. The saintly atheist and the saintly congregant learn to understand each other and become good friends. All around them death rebuilds the soil and new life springs forth in endless cycles to furnish future replenishment. Ongoing until Earth, itself, will die while the Sun consumes it in the final rite all life exemplified through all the span of its existence, that process, too, will end.

In the end of it all, after the final screams of frightened, searing death have stilled and the smell of burning flesh, has, itself, fed the Sun, who will then be called a nihilist?—those who found a bridge across potential controversy, who found life good enough to enjoy?—or those embroiled in battle, who saw two sides of evil and pitted themselves against whichever one opposed them?

Oh, wait. We’ll find no one to ask the question. No one would hear it if one would. There’s nobody there to answer, at any rate. And, where has Heaven gone while this final event occurs? It must have skidded out of sight, and gotten lost in the frigid reaches of barren empty space. Reality is not pretend. Reality is all we have that is real. Our opinions matter little in reality, for they will die with us while reality will continue on. They only matter in the here and now, in whether we give each other comfort or pain.


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