We do have choices. We can learn about reality and seek to understand that. Or, we can deny from it all efficacy and turn to what figments we can conjure, only to endure the stress caused by their constant need for rescue. Our puny minds seem incapable to perceive, after all the thousands of gods dashed to bits since the closed annals of prehistory, that reality, blind and mindless though it be, can condemn our species from existence as painfully, completely and eternally as any gods of our conception. Reality offers us the advantage of hands-on accessibility. It does not hide from us. We can question it directly, and learn directly from it with no middleman.

So, we can also learn the signals we receive from the reality of Nature, the ultimate process often referred to as ‘Mother’. Only when we know the basic structure can we perceive of the whole (of anything) as a unit, and only because our minds are capable of rendering images of the parts can we perceive of the whole as an illusion. Our minds enable us to imagine a world built of loosely packed molecules upon which we dance. Are we then to be described as “oblivious to how we endanger our own existences while giving vent to our exuberance?” Can we not also see how stresses induced by our uncontrolled mirth might unravel the forces binding all our world into a whole, so that even ourselves will disassemble into clouds of vapors? Do people actually think that way?

I remember such concerns expressed by the older people, during the times atomic bombs were under development. “A chain reaction could result from those explosions. The whole of Earth could blow to smithereens. We’ll have no place to live!” Our government, in all its secular wisdom, decided the god named God would not allow that to happen. Besides, even if it did, oblivion would surely be preferable to life under fascism. But, just in case, it decided to conduct tests in the middle of the middle of nowhere, in a place no sensible people would miss if it should disappear.

A bonus result of those successful tests came with a sigh of relief. Surprise! Reality is real! The forces binding everything together stood up to everything humanity threw at it, including the more powerful bombs yet to be tested. So, wash those sour pusses clean off from your faces. Dance in a revival of your spirits. Make love, and let the unconvinced make war. You no longer need to wear those dour expressions. Reality is real. We have the evidence recorded in history. Celebrate!

Only, when did our government change its mind about fascism? Oligarchy is a synonym for democracy?



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