One complaint launched by the faithful against science goes somewhat on the order of, “Scientists don’t have any truths. They are always changing their minds about what to believe. I need something I can trust to believe in.”  You know it’s a waste of effort and time to argue with the religious, that they will repeat the same complaint tomorrow as if you had never bothered, and that you will learn nothing new from them, but you feel like you have to say something and be on your way. You don’t, of course, want to go through that whole spiel about reporters not being scientists, sensationalism having nothing to do with truth, or how publishers sell more textbooks that way. The problem is, you have experienced the same frustration with the fast pace of scientific advancement.  But, you do know what’s behind the complaint, and you tell the simple, enduring truth. “Scientists are learning what is true and eventually get it right. You will always be wrong unless you do the same.”


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