I know that is true. I hope people will read my writing and consider my thoughts, but, they won’t unless I write. I hope they will point out my mistakes in some cogent way I’ll understand and that leads me to change, but, they won’t if I’m afraid to make them. I hope my writing continues to improve beyond the point where people will want to share it with others, but, it won’t unless I not only continue writing, but also study how others do things, try to discover the why’s behind their methods, and practice to find what seems to fit my style. That, and try to always write something worth reading. Or, better, always something that makes them look forward to more and feel disappointment when they don’t find it. I will never accomplish that unless I write and write, and then edit and edit, and then study my own work to see how to make it better. Most of all, I want to write something that causes the world to change for the better, but, that will never happen unless I do all those other things, and when I’ve done them all, do them all over again. And, never quit!



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