Natural Rights


Natural Rights

“Inalienable rights endowed by our Creator” is not a religious slogan, but is a secular nod to the fact that we exist as a product of nature via evolution, from back in the days when nobody knew anything about evolution, or secular, or the balance of nature. As a product of Nature, we have those rights necessitated by our own nature as a social animal that enabled humans to survive as a species. We may, out of false pride, describe ourselves as individualists, loners, self-made, independent, needing no one’s help or support to live and achieve whatever goals we may have set. Such persons deny their own schooling, whether from teachers or from parents, relatives and peers. They deny the clothing on their backs, the source of their food, the mansions that give them shelter. Such denial is at the summit of arrogance that devalues and dismisses all worth from the social network wherein they developed into adulthood.

We exist as a natural animal the same as any other species, not higher or lower, but different. We may enjoy (or suffer from) a higher brain to body mass ratio than most species, but their valuation of us as food, our puny ratio of muscle to skeletal mass, and the ability of the tiniest of them to sicken all of us to death renders our arrogant claim to glory invalid.

Only as a social animal did we survive to evolve as a species. Only by mutual endeavor did early humans fend off predators and learn to make predation work for themselves. They made tools by copycatting, first copying things found in nature, and then the improvements others had devised. The more numerous the variety and refinements, the more numerous humans became. Religions give a nod of acceptance to evolution’s process by competing with each other for political dominance. A too successful predator will deplete the numbers of its prey and its own population will decline. As humanity depletes its resources around the globe the nature of religious competition will become increasingly political and intercultural cooperation will decrease. I believe the world is well into the early phases of that now.

Copyright ©2014 by Lloyd H. Whitling. Permission to excerpt is granted if accompanied with credit to the author. Permission to reuse whole and unchanged is granted only if accompanied with this notice and proper credit. All other rights reserved.


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