The War on Solstice, Part D



The War on Solstice, Part D [graphic from]

You may be one of the indoctrinated, and angered because this seems contrary to all you have known since childhood. “No one held me under water,” you might already have exclaimed, “or beat me until I relented and agreed to believe in lies. I am an honest and sincere person who would never give in to such mistreatment.”

I believe you. I also believe you don’t understand about viral memes, pools of information that take residence within a human nerve system and make themselves available to be copied in any way possible. Memes exist as ideas. The bodies in which they gain residence are identified as their hosts. Once the viral varieties become established in a host, their roles become to hide and defend themselves, and to invade as many new hosts as they can as quickly and often as possible.

  • Not all memes are viral: Most memes are not. ‘Viral Memes’ refers to information capable to attract and induce new hosts to adopt and spread it. Hard to learn subjects like math, linguistics, evolution, history, science are too information-dense for easy passage into new hosts. They are often hard to ‘get’ for those who do seek them.
  • Just because they are called ‘viral’ does not mean all viral memes are bad: Memes must be assessed according to the worth of their information, the amount of good versus the amount of damage attributed to them, and so forth.
  • Not all information is memes: Memes refers to information that gets copied and hosted by others. Some information secreted within each individual’s mental system will never be shared with others. Whether personal secrets, forgotten knowledge, uninteresting information, such information dies with its host and will never get copied.

Viral memes also spread by inducing their hosts to promote them through advertising, proselytizing, testimonies, etc. Memes hide in the stories trusted adults tell to children under their care—they are what suspicious, careful parents check for before agreeing to send their children to a new school or church with which they are unfamiliar.

Parents are most often the earliest indoctrinators of their children. If you are one of the indoctrinated, or if you are a parent, then you know firsthand what drove your own indoctrination is a parent’s natural concern for the child. You were indoctrinated as a result of love, as were your parents and the whole lineage before them. Love is why indoctrinated children seldom feel mistreated while undergoing the process of becoming a host. Love shown during the process provides the balm that soothes away the pain of indoctrination so the child will have little sense of it as an adult. Browbeaten children, those from whom love has been withheld may remember the process but still have no realization of what had taken place.

The indoctrination process is necessary for successful rearing of human children. It instills guidelines that provide cultural and social skills and basic knowledge that, done right, enables development of fully functional adults. The layering on of artifices interferes with the natural process from both directions. From the child’s side, multiple issues demand answers about pieces of a puzzle that must be forced into place. From the parents’ side, dealing with what the parents, themselves, may not realize are artificial requires more effort, time, and diligence than the natural aspects. For the sake of priority given the artifices, the natural gets short shrift, resulting in less than fully formed adults.

Regarding the Winter Solstice: The celebration of this first indicator of the imminent end of winter begun by primitive humans was continued for good and natural reasons. The manipulation of a failed prophet’s birthday from spring or summer to the long-celebrated solstice season presents a blatant artifice designed to infringe on ancient rites and dedicate them to enforced recognition of an event whose occurrence no evidence supports. Now, aside from awareness of damage done in that time, we could set aside thoughts of that as an event of long ago, and happily share the planet with their heirs, but for the ongoing threats renewed by today’s inquisitors.


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