The War on Solstice, Part C


The War on Solstice, Part C

The previous posts in this series portrayed humankind’s long history of honoring the winter solstice and provided links that lead to exposes about how the church enforced acceptance of its stealing of this important natural holiday. But, is it real, or just a bunch of religious bodies arguing about figments of their imaginations? If it is real, how might it have been discovered? How can its reality be verified and explained so the truth can be laid bare?

We already saw how its discovery may have occurred often, among the earliest humans, or even farther back into prehistory among the Neanderthals with whom humans once (probably unwillingly) shared the Earth.  We are a sensitive, easily offended species that dominates, and does so with a fierce cunning and learned skills that may soon enable us to remove all life from our planet. The one skill that we most need is one we seem incapable to learn. I blame the Indoctrinators.

Were we, as a whole, to learn the methods required to make accurate predictions about the future, we could more readily foresee the consequences of our own actions and inaction, and divert ourselves away from the polluted path toward doom we now tread in blindness. We, as a species, walk the easy way. The road seems smooth, effortless, and most profitable. Were our vision enabled, we could see the path is so wide and firm because most of humanity has followed it and packed it hard with their feet. It feels safe by offering comfort. It binds us onto it with the implied promise that there will be no cost to pay at some future place along the way. With our eyes open, we could see that place ahead, and others looming beyond it. We could abandon this path to Perdition and find a safer way into the future.

But, our eyes stay shut. We remain a world filled with people who scoff at the ways of science, who have refused to engage in it because they are ignorant of it by lack of exposure, or due to indoctrination. Both are products of the Indoctrinators, who scattered around the world to spread their malignant memes.

Indoctrination induces fear which then induces resistance to better ideas and knowledge. Indoctrination only works on the very young or uneducated, or when induced by torture or mesmerization. That which is true requires no indoctrination; it can be shown to the unindoctrinated, who have not been taught resistance to it, and they can see for themselves what’s true or not about it.

The Indoctrinators spread the memes that worked against the spread of education and scientific knowledge. As part of that, they began the War on Solstice and are now shifting the blame onto their victims with a game of words. They started it too early because history has not yet been erased. They rely on the foolish notion that their followers are all idiots who will not read any but the approved dogma prepared for them. Though time may tell whether or not they are correct, will humanity dare depend on their being wrong?


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