Health is a Disease.

…and a well is a pillar. While reading and creating such metaphors may be fun and picturesque, they do nothing to alter hardened convictions set as concrete against a target. They become slogans for the choir and a hardening agent for those who see only enmity in them, after which it becomes a demonstration of nothing more than the confusion generated by a self-declared enemy who targets a group who would not otherwise care a whit about them.

We are atheists. That means we have nothing to say about religion beyond our responses to attacks generated by the religious. A percentage of those will deny ever going on the attack. They will declare, “It’s those people over there. We are not like them.” I am sorry. I am not picking on you. For so long as you share their label, share their rulebook, and do not publicly denounce them, you are their accomplices.


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