You have a plan, or maybe just a vague idea. To imagine its completion thrills you, and you can barely wait to get moving on it, to take it from an idea in your mind and bring it out to reality. You go for it:

  • You give it all you’ve got, pour everything into it. Pedal to the metal, in deep cotton, you swamp any potential competition before they realize what’s going past them
  • One-directionally. You stay focused, never waver, resist tempting distractions. Wine, women and song, touted as rewards for accomplishment, assure early failure for the unwary lured by distractions.
  • Without regret. You know it’s a gamble, but there’s more to be gained than what you might lose. You never know until you’ve tried. Ask any girl on horseback: Bumpy rides are the most thrilling and provide the most useful lessons to carry into the future.
  • With no reservation. So what if people heckle you? You’re having fun. You have something promising going on and they have nothing. Nothing in life is guaranteed but that work is fun and labor is drudgery. “If this fails I’ll find something else and try again, rather than suffer the boredom they endure.”



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