Great Spirits


Great Spirits, a label that gets defined differently by different sets of people. (P/S)aul of Tarsus might be considered a great spirit by some Christians, but regarded as the evil perpetrator who befouled the words of Jesus by others, and stole the church away from St. Peter. Galileo, honored among science folks, was condemned by the inerrant church and only recently granted recognition. A long list of boo-boos could be generated for both sides and still be incomplete. An all-inclusive list of all the world’s miscalculations, as seen by opposing sides, would stay impossible to complete, as it gets ongoing generation.

Great spirits will generally arise from those who go against the grain to stand against what has been the accepted way to do or be as handed down by those who see themselves as in charge. Docile average persons will complain about what the great spirit will act upon, and then complain about the disturbance and immorality. Condemned during his own time, the great spirit must wait for historians to determine whether his efforts were praiseworthy or, in fact, the result of evil intentions.


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