Good Life



Three points:

  • Life is good;
  • Life is a treasure;
  • Sliding through it does not produce an admirable life.

Of course life is good. Even when it feels bad, few will trade it for nonexistence. We then rely on our hope for improvement, for escape, maybe revenge. Only by staying alive are any of those possible.

As a treasure, its strange kind of rarity must be remarkable. We all possess one, but one is all we’ll have. We can take another’s life, but we can never live it. We can only see it end, and should feel shame for the waste.

Who suffers a need to be admired? Some diamonds never get found, but, are they any less valuable just because they stayed hidden? Some dance; most don’t. Some sing in a shower, some on a stage; most don’t sing at all. None would sing but for the lonely one who made some words fit the rhythm of a tune. None would dance but for the hours in some darkened room a composer spent to bring the music in his mind out to the world. No diamond has ever been polished that a jeweler, working with the skill of his training, did not first ready with his tools. We should none of us judge how others live, for the polishing of what we treasure was first done by the quiet craftsperson long before anyone ever danced or sang a song, or displayed a gem upon her breast. Doing what you love to earn your living is what’s important. To discover how to do that is that’s hard but worth the effort. Creative Dissatisfaction


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