I found today’s sign somewhere on the Internet that I don’t remember. It needs attribution if anyone knows its origin.

I used to laugh at the idea of our government being for sale. Now, I know it’s not funny at all. The problem is that the people charged with fixing it are the ones selling themselves. It’s like getting prostitutes to quit without changing the circumstances that got them involved to start with. You get promises and that’s it. It just ain’t agonna work.

Worse, it’s not just senators doing us dirty. It’s congressmen, appointees, presidents, and even judges. Right now, here in Tennessee, republicans are working on getting our court system set up so it can be bought. By forcing judges to have to publicly campaign to gain and keep their positions, their ears open up to donors and lobbyists with funds to donate. Appointed judges in lifelong positions are not much better, as evidenced by the Hobby Lobby and Citizens United decisions. On the other hand, elected Supreme Court judges would likely be all conservatives and make corporation-supporting decisions without debate and with no recall.

In my personal opinion, there should have never have been enabled such a thing as a mega-corporation. Lobbyists need banished. Every word of every government advisor needs to be recorded—put that giant phone spying network at NSA to work on that. They are supposed to all be answerable to us, not us to them. That’s not even proper language!


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