Is a god on Our Side?



This may seem like a continuation of ‘God Is Love.” So let it be, and let this saying from a different source reinforce the message and make it memorable. First, this agrees with the previous message by associating hate (and, therefore, all the things associated with hatred) with evil. For those who deny evil any existence, learn to understand ‘evil’ as a word that describes the nature of intentionally malicious events. ‘Intention’ signifies the presence of sentience capable to initiate an event, and avoids assigning moral blame to accidental events. Then, understand events as components of processes in a continuum of time.

‘Continuum’ identifies a period of time; in this case, when an event or a process occurred. In other words, ‘evil’ designates a malignant event or process that exists in the fourth dimension. Humans have named that fourth dimension, ‘time’.

How to differentiate between the real and the unreal:

  • To deny existence of something, you must also show it as having no cause,
  • To demonstrate nonexistence, you should also be able to show how attributes and effects ascribed to it vary widely from place to place and over time; and
  • show also that it cannot be commonly recognized by its effects (it takes up space; it stinks; it made a noise; it induced psychological or physical torment; people screamed when they saw what it had done)

—those are all some effects that alert us to an existence within the parameters of reality. We recognize time’s existence as caused by the ongoing nature of motion. Likewise, life exists. Death can be recognized as an event to finalize life’s process. Good and evil are commonly identifiable events and processes that occur along the continuum between life and death). If you think something does not exist, try assessing it according to those requirements.

If you think something that’s not really obvious does exist, try the opposite approach:

  • Describe how it began.
  • Observe it to be describable with common agreement around the world.
  • Describe tangible effects by which people recognize it.

Cheating may help some people to convince themselves but it will fail the test of time by requiring ridiculous arguments to support the cheaters. The descriptions must be as vivid and verifiable as for anything else one finds in reality, and must not steal credit from known processes to “verify” something questionable.

Let this page become a differentiator tool by which people can settle their differences over the existences of various, mostly abstract, features commonly described as existent and present in our lives. Test it, and see for yourself that it works. Some of existence is in the abstract, and must be understood in that way if it meets the requirements this page imposes. Humankind has gone too long denying, therefore failing to benefit from, useful features of existence. Humanity has also exceeded the limits for how long we can endure the spells cast by proclamations of existence for that which the imagination created and perpetuates. We have arrived at a place in time where continued mesmerizing influence of hosts for nonexistent entities endangers the continued presence of our species upon this planet, and prevents the spread of knowledge that would enable a massive portion of the human population to achieve self-sufficiency.

Do your part by passing this differentiator tool on after satisfying yourself that it works in a worthy fashion. I seek advice on needed improvements, if any, and any failures of expected results in its use. Only a widely diverse population of testers will validate it and find any defects or limitations. If you demonstrate its worth to yourself, share it so others can verify it for themselves.


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