God Helps


If the god named God helps only those who help themselves, knowing that could explain a lot. It (the god named God is an ‘it’. I learned that in church as a child from a preacher who preached a sermon about why there would be no sex in Heaven. I don’t remember his reasons. I had no idea about what he meant by ‘sex’. My attention was drawn to his continuous calling of this god a ‘he’ all the while he talked. None of the old people (which now includes people half my age) disagreed with him, so I decided the god named God is an ‘it’, that he used very sloppy language, and that is that.) must be very busy and not have time for helpless people. That would explain why Republicans on the religious right seem so greedy: they are helping themselves to keep the god named God on their side, so it will keep on helping them to help themselves. It’s not because they really hate those people they refer to as lazy, loafers, pretenders and all other kinds of bad names. Not at all.

But, they do hate the kinds of people they call ‘liberals’, even though their Bibles seem to favor those folks. I think they hate them for multiple reasons, not the least of which is that liberals make it obvious they do not trust the intentions for which they set up for profit and ‘nonprofit’ enterprises to take advantage of those helpless people that even the god named God won’t help. (The god named God designates a specific god from among all the gods to which people have given various names, a fact that seems to have escaped people of the present era, who even conflate all the gods in their Bibles under the label ‘God’ while denying Allah (The God) to be the same god they have named God).

They must hate liberals (even though the god named God loves them because it could use the help) for the related reason that liberals compete with their enterprises by using government to get help, and also to police their (What is the opposite of liberal? Tightwad?) enterprises. I expect that, if most of us had devised an easy path to riches and some goody-goodies had cut into our (non)profits, we might get red faced about it.

The faith-based religious tend to choose gut responses over evidenced reasoning and, so, identify evidence their gut tells them is questionable as somehow wrong. If your evidence does not support the scriptures, something is wrong with your evidence and it is up to you to find out what that is. The onus gets thrown back onto whomever presented evidence in a perverted quid pro quo that nullifies the requirements of science to favor faith-based belief. The god named God helps those who help themselves; other people must help America’s helpless. Humanity learns from that, whereas we would learn nothing by leaving it all for a god’s good will. Science advances and the god can rest.


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