Have you ever thought about this? I get amazed by all the ways life’s positive aspects are limited, while the negatives seem unrestricted. Only one way exists to be honest, but liars, thieves and con artists have an unlimited palate at their disposal. We have only one way to feel great, but pains, shocks, sores and hurts abound to attack us inside and out. We have found only one approach for science to get accurate results (and a couple more that can get it into the ballpark), but religions by the thousands proliferate through all the ages to provide their own ‘revealed’ answers for any question ever asked.

A big question is, “Why do we put up with that?” The big answer must be, “Because we want to live the short while we can, and because all the bad stuff helps us realize how good the good stuff makes us feel.” Some of us in every generation get greedy, and devise ways to steal the good stuff from everybody else, while the rest of us stay too busy slapping bugs, avoiding sharp places and staving off hunger to pay attention. We let them get away with it a while, and don’t react until we feel the pinch. We pay little attention to the few who try to warn us, but we don’t yet feel pain and so regard it as unimportant. We make a wrong choice from among a chaos of appeasing voices offering mollification from amidst the warnings.

“Things will get better after we win the next election.” The promise pacifies us so we’re willing to overlook the barricades against progress inherent to government and every other enterprise that involves multiple people with differing opinions. The negatives always outnumber the positives here, too, and so we switch leaderships cycle after cycle and allow the negatives of one to undo the good done by the other to the advantage of the greedy to the detriment of any positive effects.

We fear our government for reasons like this. Beware the greedy ones who seek to destroy its built-in safeguards and replace them with institutions over which we have no control. The last Dark Age lasted half a millennium. The one developing now could outlast humanity and burn away all life on Earth. It will happen because those who choose to not vote chose it by their inaction, and those who listen to only one side chose it with their purposeful ignorance.



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