It would seem that, if that is true, that the world’s population should have reached zero a long time ago (or one, maybe, who engaged in a long-term form of deeply devoted onanism.

I am the last one in the world,
Don’t know if I’m a boy or girl;
But it won’t matter none,
‘cause I can still have fun.

Of course, I realize that’s not how it works, so you can stop worrying about whether I’ve fallen off my rocker. I was raised in a Republican family and in a Republican community, and so I learned to think Republican. I have since learned to tell when I’m thinking backwards, by now, but I still have trouble with it. Most families produce more than enough children to outnumber the parents, is what’s behind the dilemma, and just figuring that out is enough to “Whoosh!” make the dilemma go away. I like this Democrat way of thinking. I wish I had been raised to think that-a-way.


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