A Free Society


In a society of bullies, Adlai Stevenson felt safe as an unpopular candidate due to the force of American law and the system of justice designed to enforce that. Bullies feel threatened by that same system and strive to modify it in the name of freedom. He lost his bid for the presidency, but the bullies are winning their multifaceted campaigns for dominance and to take over the reins that steer our country.

Who are these bullies?

They go by many names, and flaunt themselves in many places. They may be most easily identified be knowing who they are not.

They are not:

  • The soldiers returning from wars only to face confrontations with a defunded healthcare system that provides inadequate care.
  • Overwhelmed hospitals who must demand major money up front so they can pay for what they need to take care of you.
  • The crippled, the lame, the blind—those who cannot fend for themselves.
  • The mentally impaired and mentally ill, who also cannot fend for themselves.
  • The impoverished victims of defunded educational systems who subsist however they can and feel pride in their circumstances.
  • The heretics, infidels and other outcasts guilty only of expressing their own thoughts and beliefs.
  • heretics, infidels and other outcasts who acted in accordance with their beliefs.
  • “…your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse… the homeless, tempest-tossed…”
  • Victims of rape, whether man, woman or child.
  • Victims of enforced pregnancies, both mother and child.
  • Those who suffer in silence the indignities of violated rights, and the personal attacks and loss of reputation that often accompanies such mistreatment.
  • People born gay.
  • Minorities of any color, creed, stripe, sex, persuasion who seek only inclusion in the mix.
  • Those targeted as a group for heaps of condemnation while no specific, verifiable incident ever gets cited.

Those, and more you may ask me to include, (just make a comment below) are NOT bullies. Bullies, by definition, are the marauders, oppressors, attackers… who become victimized only by the backlash they generate against themselves. That backlash only comes only by standing up to them with numbers on your side. Those numbers come only from speaking out, telling your views in as commonsense a manner as you can with an aim to educate others with the true story you have to tell them.


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