Kings and Priests



Not being one to advocate murder makes me glad to know that kingdoms are fading out of existence, and that increasing numbers of people are awakening to the fakery and irrelevance of faith-based doctrines that depend on opinion more than substance. Entrails of priests may never be used to strangle kings, provided we be patient.

The world shudders in fear that arises from anecdotal threats from invisible specters given voice by human representatives. The suspicious nature of these ad hoc mixtures of the visible and invisible escapes notice from their trembling victims, themselves kept too busy escaping the cascade of threats to pay attention to mundane reality. Their imaginations brimming with images of ghosts, gods and goblins, they stay chained to such chimeras, their only escape from stifling boredom.

So, freedom remains the least concern for those immersed in the doomsday promises of preachers, priests and political pillagers of other sorts. Freedom would require they shun the machine of their bondage and face the destitution that awaits their return to an alert state. From the promise of freedom, fear arises, a threat against all gods, the source of holy entertainment.

You doubt the truth of any of this? Take a hard look at the state of our world with this still fresh on your mind: Wars ongoing, sects against sects and cults against cults, gods fighting gods that never appear on either side, armies fighting armies led by men who defend their guesses about what their invisible deities want from them. The best and the brightest die in battle, and humanity devolves as a result. Wars get fought for greed or gods. It has been so from the start, and will be so forever with no permanent end.


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