Tribe Freedom



NOTE: With this page I have abandoned my experiment with a fully graphic presentation, and will resume with the combination of text and graphics. Dissatisfied with the limited formatting available to WordPress bloggers, I began the experiment only to realize that search engines will regard whole pages as only pictures without information. All I wanted is paragraphs with first line indents. I shall have that.

`  Mister Nietzsche expressed many sentiments that endear him to freethinkers and prompt the faith-fed to demonize. In this quote, we can see how the absence of tolerance inherent to modern religion may have led him to remark on the way intelligent people find the holes in religious dogma too blatant to overlook, which prompts a serious desire to free themselves from it. That cannot be avoided. Truth stands out however much soggy paper gets plastered over it. Only those mesmerized by the story tellers will fail to notice, while fear keeps the most of the tribe marching.

`  “The privilege of owning yourself” does not require wandering off in the forest to become lost and alone. While that may be preferable to the death that expressing your true opinions may have earned in earlier years, the will to research on your own, to consider strange ideas, to try them on and then abandon just those elements of them you find untrue, the will to abandon whole doctrines where no semblance of reality can be found—those are lonely and dangerous pursuits that will never gain approval from the tribe, but for which you can earn your self-respect.

`  We are a social animal, hence the early onset of loneliness and fright mixed with possible shame and guilt, a result of others’ castigations or your own uncertain worry about abandoning those you love to take on the chase for factual truth. Those who deserve your concern will love you despite their worries about you. You will find a valid ally in the scientific method. Study that, learn to apply it to the new ideas you find, and seek close associations among those who seem willing to discuss the results of your new lifelong adventure. Go. Grow your own mind.


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