–   Emotions can influence one’s facility to reason by sharpening or blinding it. Which any individual will display depends quite a lot on habit.
–   Learned responses derived from faith or indoctrination dull the reasoning facility to serve the fight or flight response reaction and limit that to causes supported by the conditioner. Training and practice in “stand your ground” tactics such as used for sales forces, political debates, framing as presented by Lakoff, require the sharpened and agile, free-functioning minds dedicated to achievement and success. That in no way insures the free mind from making mistakes, but does assure the reasoner’s increased capacity to learn from them and engage in fearless, wider-ranging searches for information often forbidden by indoctrination. Victims of faith indoctrination seeking to free themselves, let me suggest, could most quickly advance by searching among the forbidden material to ferret out the nature of what the indoctrinators feared.




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