Doubt’s Wisdom



A favorite word of children, “Why?” expresses a child’s wonder at life and eagerness to learn. It also expresses doubt when disharmony enters the mind along with words from an adult. The discord induces chaos the child has not learned to tolerate, that has come from a respected elder. The tortured child screams “Why?” to an adult who most likely has forgotten he or she once played the role now suffered by the child. The adult often knows no answer beyond, “It’s just the way it is. Accept that and grow up.”

The child will learn to think for herself or to accept without question. She who thinks in silence will learn to distrust the elder’s words and seek alternative information from other sources. Her search for “Why?” will not be appeased by reprimands or warnings, but only by an ending to the discord ringing in her head. Wisdom begins where that ends, and harmony finds its beginnings, and wisdom finds its roots.


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