Evolution Requires Diversity


A secular moral philosophy can justify a basis formed in today’s title. On the heels of a realization that diversity increases assurance of species’ survival, a realization that our individual and group actions and choices may play a large part that reaches beyond only affecting our diversity, but into the world at large to increase or diminish the presence of all life upon this planet. That, if accepted as factual, makes evident that those factions, past and present, who seek dominance through genocide and murder work toward the demise of our species and so pose a threat against us all. That may seem like a stretch because we are so numerous, which raises a question: at what level of population does its application become appropriate? It also poses a conundrum: How can you eradicate the causes of genocide and murder without violating your own moral edict? More important, perhaps, is another question: To what else, by extension, would acceptance of this moral edict affect? Ponder that.


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