Dirty Hatred



We should allow ourselves to hate that which makes us less human and that strives to separate us from our natural selves. Indeed, we must relearn the feeling of abhorrence our early training bleached from our psyches in order to misdirect us and steer us into uniformity. Yes, we are animals. We do suffer feelings, and suffer more when we resist allowing their expression, but swallow them instead, so that they burn in our guts like Janov’s onion gulped down whole with skin and mud intact. We fear, and fear to be thought afraid, and swallow that. We oppress ourselves with superstitions and taboos the nature of which we also deny the same as we deny our naked selves. And, so, in the end we hate ourselves and seek to hide beneath dust-gathering rags so we can call ourselves clean and pure. We should hate that we were taught to be our own oppressors, that our self-hatred grew from that. We can only be falsely free in such a state. Study until you can recognize the meaning of these words. Vomit the onion! Hate not yourself nor your fellows, but turn your passions against your ingested taboos and superstitions and put them down.


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