Ethical Hedonism

aEthicalHedonismR —–   That hedonism has origins rooted in pleasure stirs the pot of confusion for people unaware of its whole history. (Start Here) . You can educate yourself about the early philosophers by using the key words provided with this page and the sites to where they they will lead you, and by using the words of those historical figures to decipher their intentions, You can choose whether to learn something, to nitpick the ancient’s language and muddled modern interpretations to support your preconceptions, or to pass the whole thing off as a meaningless exercise in empty rhetoric.   The graphic represents a story about a man out dancing with a stranger while his lonely spouse waits for him to come home. Choose education and you will discover a secular, hedonistic view that informs you of the injustice presented in the foregoing scene, recognize which two of the three characters in the scene may be victimized in that story (Yes, Harly, it could be a different story with different victims, but you will still know who they are), and understand the natural relationship between our built-in senses and morality as hedonism presents that. You said you already picked out the victims without all that reading?— In that case, you need to learn why that shows you to already practice hedonism. Prove it to yourself!


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